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"just wanted to note that your header is fab, could you post the gif of justin maybe? love him. x" by Anonymous

Ill try :)

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good news everyone (:

The Tumblr is now FINALLY being updated. Sorry about the wait (:

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#DearJustin (You Saved My Life)
When I was 12, that’s when I found Justin on You Tube. I thought he was adorable, so I went and listened to ‘One Time.’ Even though his voice wasn’t low like most singers, I absolutely loved it. My parents were fighting that night like always…and I told myself ‘no one will ever fucking love me.’ Right when I felt like giving up, ‘One Time’ came on my iPod. I stopped crying and started to smile. About 6 months later My parents got a divorce. I didn’t know anything that was going on but I knew everything was on me now because I’m the oldest. I had to take care of my sisters. Make sure dinner was done. I was barley aloud to hang out with my friends.. well what friends. I had none then.. But yet I still had nothing and I was only 12 but Justin got me through that. And about a year ago in 2010-2011 I lost one of my closest friends, I was bullied severely, and I felt like I had no one. It tore me to pieces. I went through depression. Eating disorders. I just couldn’t stand myself. I couldn’t even look in the mirror without being like “Who is this ugly fat thing looking back at me” because I was bullied so much for my weight so at this point I was so done with life. Things kept getting worse. Just my luck HUH. I didn’t know what to do. My dad started getting stricter and aggressive. I never saw my mom, actually she moved as far away as she possibly could. I felt like everything was my fault. My fault we didn’t have a mom. My fault my dad hated me. My fault people picked on me. I just wanted to leave. What was the point of staying on this earth if all you do is get bullied and made fun of by the people least expected, and couldn’t control it. I couldn’t help but think my life was pointless. I felt like shit 24/7. I just felt like my head was going to explode. That night I was sitting on my bed crying my eyes out, I couldn’t stop blaming myself for everything. I cried. Cried. And CRIED. I tried everything to just end it.. I cut then I took pills I actually thought they were gonna work, (Well I was hoping.) I lied down and felt my eyes getting heavier. I whispered ‘Good-Bye’. The next morning came, and my dad woke me up and walked out.. I looked around and questioned. “Why am I still here” “Why didn’t it work” “I don’t wanna be here.” Then I ran to the bathroom. I started throwing up from the pills, from that night. My dad still made me go to school, so that day was a day from hell. Then that night came. I was gonna try it again. While I was sitting there thinking I shouldn’t be here anymore. I had more pills in my hand the razor In the other and just thinking I just don’t deserve to be here anymore. Then Justin Bieber’s song ‘Never Let You Go’ started to play. I cried and cried then looked at my poster of him, I tried to just clear my head, I couldn’t tho. I couldn’t do this. It was too hard to do anything, But I wanted to stay strong for my baby! I still needed to meet him and tell him how much he has got me through. But then I looked at the poster above my bed and I swear to this day, I was hallucinating I guess but, his lips moved ‘it will be okay.’ The crying must have done it, but it doesn’t matter. Yes I may still be cutting but not as much, I may stop eating time to times. I may be going though the hardest times of my life but My point, Justin Bieber in fact saved my life. 


He saved me. I’m staying strong for him, even if it is hard. I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s my everything and I owe him EVERYTHING. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!<3



#Dear Justin,

So my struggles started when I was about 6-7 years old. I’ve always had a speech disorder called: “stuttering” To the average person it seems like just a repetition of words, but to people who have gone through this for years it’s something more than that, way more. I always thought that my stutter was something that could never go away. Stuttering is not an easy thing to deal with. Every single day is a new battle, just to speak. When I get asked to read in my English/Irish/French class I freeze, people stare and sometimes they laugh. The feeling is horrible and I feel as if everything in my entire life has gone wrong.

Growing up, I felt isolated from everything really. In school I felt like an “outcast” someone who was “different”. All my life I NEVER felt normal. I wouldn’t even want to answer simple questions in class and this may sound stupid but even saying my name is a huge struggle. I was always insecure about myself, I thought that people would label me “dumb, stupid, stutterer” etc. Even my own mum thought that I was stuttering for attention.She thought that it was something I was doing on purpose and something that I could suddenly just stop. I obviously wasn’t stuttering for attention and hearing her say that broke my heart.

I always wanted to end a conversation quickly or make up excuses like “Oh, I don’t know..sorry” etc. It got really hard for me when I moved schools, just being surrounded by new people. Some of my classmates would point out my flaws and that frightened me. People tease me for something I can’t even control and the feeling is just terrible. I was embarrassed about my speech and I always tried to hide the fact that I did stutter…I was attempting to me a ‘covert’ stutterer.

Sometimes I feel like a bird with broken wings, no matter how much I want to fly I can’t, it’s a constant struggle to get up when I’ve fallen down.

And then my parent’s divorced. I don’t live with my father anymore. Hearing them argue and fight almost all the time made me feel like crap absolute crap, especially when it was on my own birthday. And to top it all off I had bulimia.

I never thought I looks beautiful. I always thought I was ‘fat’, so I started to purge.

And that’s where Justin comes in. I felt like my whole life had gone downhill, I was just really unhappy with my life. I know it may sound stupid “Oh wow she just stutters so what?” But when you stutter you feel like nothing in your life is right. You over think and it makes the situation 100x worse. I’ve gone to a therapist for my speech disorder and nothing worked out.

Hearing Justin’s music made me feel better. After hearing his song “Down to Earth” I was left in tears, it’s crazy how a kid who doesn’t even know me can have such a huge impact on my life and I can’t thank him enough. His song “Never Say Never” made me realize that one day I’ll get through this and that one day everything will be okay.

Thank you Justin for making me smile even when I felt down. I can’t thank you enough and one day I hope I’ll be able to say this in front of your face.

When Justin tweets things like “Stay strong, I’m there with u”, I always feel like bursting into tears. He makes me feel better when nobody else can.

“Stuttering can be a horrendous experience. It’s as if you are robbed of your voice and silenced forever. You feel as though you are alienated from others at social functions and feel completely alone. Even when you have something valuable to say or want to put forward your own opinion about a particular matter, this insidious disease prevents you from fully expressing yourself.”

Demi Lovato also makes me smile- She makes me love
who I am and because of her, I’m proud of who I am.

If you’re a stutterer and you’re reading this, please never give up. Soon you’ll be able to live a life of freedom wherever you go, don’t let a speech disorder hold you back.

God Bless and thanks for reading.

-Siebe ♥ 

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"Does this really go to justin ??" by Anonymous

If Beliebers want it to be big then yes. Beliebers make this happen. No Belieber power? Not a single letter gets to Justin. ♥

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about me.

Well, i have been selfharming for two years and stopped for a good while, which i was so happy about, then… Last novemeber my mum had a heartattack, and i went back to selfharm. I mostly cutting myself.  I cant wear short sleeved tops because of my cuts and scars, and i can’t were shorts because of the cuts and scars on my legs.. Do you have any idea how i can stop :(? 

First of all, you should talk to your mom. As scary and as crazy as it may seem you should talk to her about how you feel. Second of all, and most importantly, you N E E D to stop. Harming yourself doesn’t help the problem. It makes it worse. And if you think you need help, get help. 

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"Any tips on how to become famous ?? :)" by Anonymous

I have no idea. Just never saying never :)

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